This is where you will find audio files of the prayers/songs the children are learning, so they can listen and learn along with David Blocker! Grownups are welcome to learn too.

NOTE: You may need to download Google’s free app DRIVE TUNES first before you can listen to these audio files online without downloading them.

Passover Audio Files and pdfs

Four Questions       Four Questions in the haggadah (pdf)

Question #1 – learning        Question #2 – learning

Question #3 – learning        Question #4 – learning

Dayenu                      Dayenu in the haggadah (pdf)

Dayenu – learning chorus

Dayenu – learning verse #1

Dayenu – learning verse #2

Dayenu – learning verse #3

Passover Wine blessing  

Passover wine blessing – learning

Passover Green Vegetable blessing

Green vegetable blessing – learning

Matzah Blessings

Matzah blessing #1 – learning

Matzah blessing #2 – learning

Bitter Herbs Blessing

Bitter herbs blessing – learning

Blessings in haggadah (pdf)


Chanukah Audio Files and pdf

Three Chanukah blessings