High Holidays + Sukkot Audio Files

This is where you will find audio files of the prayers/songs the children are learning, so they can listen and learn along with David Blocker! Grownups are welcome to learn too.

High Holidays + Sukkot:

Avinu Malkaynu words (pdf)

Avinu Malkaynu

Avinu Malkaynu learning version

B’Rosh Hashanah words (pdf)

B’Rosh Hashanah

B’Rosh Hashanah learning version

Rosh Hashanah blessings

RH Apples and Honey blessing, learning version

RH Shofar blessing, learning version

Sukkot blessings

Sukkot sitting in sukkah blessing, learning version

Sukkot lulav and etrog blessing, learning version

The little temple with a big heart