Children in our once-a-week “Tikvah Learning” program are actively engaged in learning tailored to their own talents, interests, and abilities. With teacher guidance, children become artists, writers, detectives, reporters, and producers of their own theme-based projects.

The Tikvah Learning program was developed by Education Director David Blocker and Rabbi Randy Kafka, who gratefully acknowledge the support of Combined Jewish Philanthropies’ Commission on Jewish Life & Learning. Each school year is divided into two semesters, with each semester having a Jewish Studies theme. Themes include Jews and Sports: How to be a Mensch; and Judaism and the Environment. Each year, the themes and projects are different, on a five year cycle! Children and parents participate in brainstorming sessions to develop project ideas. The goal each semester is to create something that will be of use to others. With this goal, student engagement and enthusiasm is high.

Children also gain basic prayerbook literacy with an emphasis on spirituality.

In addition, children receive individualized bat/bar mitzvah instruction.

At Kol Tikvah, we strive to be an inclusive learning community. Our teacher training and attention to individual needs have made Tikvah Learning a place where children with learning challenges can be successful.

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FALL 2017 SEMESTER: Our theme was “Na’aseh Shalom: Let Us Make Peace.” Our BIG IDEA: Peace is something we DO. Our BIG QUESTION: What is a peace-maker and how can I become one?


2From the semester “Judaism and the Environment,” a slide show of our Environmental Artists’ collages.



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