A Jewish Life – Fall semester 2023

What’s important in a Jewish life? This semester we explored traditional and modern rituals associated with four key moments in a Jewish life: birth/baby-naming, b’nai mitzvah, marriage, and death.


RebeccaShort story about a bat mitzvah girl
HollyJewish gravestones – slideshow
Leora & BradyJewish lifecycle foods – slideshow and samples
Sydney, Arthur & QuincySkit about a baby-naming (performance)
EmilyMy family’s lifecycle events – poster
AbbyThe life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg – poster
AsherDuplo depiction of lifecycle events
LeahJewish cemeteries – slideshow
MiraDioramas of four lifecycle events
Mia“Now Versus Then” – two interviews
ParkerSpeech about visiting a cemetery
DahliaBat mitzvahs – slideshow
EliBaby-naming – slideshow
IsaacB’nai Mitzvah – slideshow

The little temple with a big heart