Tikvah Learning, grades 3-7

Tikvah Learning. The Hebrew School you wish you had gone to as a child.

Children in our once-a-week “Tikvah Learning” program are actively engaged in learning tailored to their own talents, interests, and abilities.

Each school year is divided into two semesters, with each semester having a Jewish Studies theme. Themes include “Jews and Sports: How to be a Mensch,” and “Judaism and the Environment.” Each year the themes are different, on a five year cycle! After a deep exploration of the theme through skits, games, discussion, videos, and other activities — always with an emphasis on core Jewish values — every child works on a creative project to share what they have learned with the community. Our end-of-semester Jamboree celebrations of their projects are always uplifting and inspiring.

Fall 2022 semester theme: Na’aseh Shalom / Let Us Make Peace

Spring 2023 semester theme: Israel is REAL

Children also gain basic prayerbook Hebrew literacy and are able to comfortably participate in Shabbat services. In addition, children receive individualized b’nai mitzvah instruction. Our B’nai Mitzvah mission: to collaborate with children and their parents in creating deeply meaningful, individualized b’nai mitzvah experiences — honoring each child’s unique strengths and challenges.

At Kol Tikvah, we strive to be an inclusive learning community. Our teacher training and attention to individual needs have made Tikvah Learning a place where children with learning challenges can be successful.

Curious to learn more? Just let us know, and we can have a happy parent reach out to share their experiences.

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