A Jewish Life – semester projects (Fall 2013)

Please click on the links below to view our students’ semester projects, and enjoy!

Alex A & Josh & Sophie: Prezi                                 Alex M: Slide show

Alexa: Prezi                                                                     Ally & Lydia & Sydney – see their poster live!

Anna: Slide show                                                           Ben & Jacob & Robbie: PowerPoint

Brandon & Ethan S & Max E: Chapter                   Colin: Glogster

Elijah: Slide show                                                          Ethan C: Glogster

Jacob L: Glogster                                                          Jay: Chapter

Jenna: Glogster                                                             Jenny & Jodi: Slide show

Kasey & Rachel: Chapter                                          Leigh: Chapter

Lucas: Glogster                                                             Max D: Chapter

Nicholas: Glogster                                                      Sadie: PowerPoint                                   Samantha: Glogster

The little temple with a big heart