The Heart and Soul of Jewish Music (Spring semester 2017)

Aaron & Max – Lip-sync/dance to Matisyahu’s “Sunshine” (video)

Alesha – interviews about people’s favorite Jewish music (video)

Alison – Singing “Let It Go” with chorus in Hebrew (video)

Ariel – Jewish musicians and composers (poster)

Ben R. & Jason – playlist of Jewish music (slide show)

Brooke – Jewish singers and composers (slide show)

Devon – Shabbat table drumming (live demonstration)

Dylan A – Jewish music playlist (poster also)

Ethan – Guitar performance of Barchu (audio)

Grace – Music and history of Hava Nagila (live performance and presentation)

Harry – Comic strip based on a song (book)

Jackson – Balkan Beat Box table drumming (slide show & video)

Jacob B & Ben W – Israeli Music Madness bracket game (slide show and poster)

Jacob S – Debbie Friedman playlist (slide show) and poster

Jay – Jewish music for young children playlist (slide show)

Josh & Matthew – Jewish dance party playlist (slide show)

Justin – Shabbat table drumming (slide show with video)

Kasey – Dance/gymnastics routine to Matisyahu’s “One Day” (video)

Lindsey & Rachel B – Jewish music gift basket for raffle (slide show too)

Madina – Singing Matisyahu’s “One Day” (video)

Maya – Mah Nishtana Rap (video)

Mia – Dance routine to Matisyahu’s “One Day” (video)

Nick – Interview with Jewish singer/musician/composer Noah Aronson (slide show)

Rachel N – A mock talent show (script for video – in process)

Rachel R & Thea – Famous Jewish musical performers (poster)

Robert – Adam Levine of Maroon 5 (slideshow – to be completed)

Ruby – Jewish music playlist (slide show)

Sam – Billy Joel (poster)

Sophie – Golden Boy and Dayenu (poster)

The little temple with a big heart