Love Your Neighbor – Spring 2015 projects

This semester the theme was: “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself: Confronting Prejudice.” The big question: “How can I be an UPSTANDER, not a bystander?”

We learned rabbinic teachings on practicing kindness to others, discussed the importance of empathy, viewed and discussed an interview with a teen who had experienced bullying as a child, heard from Holocaust survivor Janet Applefield about her experiences, and together with teens from YouthLEAD explored prejudice and stereotypes.

Student work this semester involved doing research or experimentation, and then sharing that experience through the creation of a final project. The research/experimentation ranged from interviewing elders and/or Holocaust survivors about their experiences of prejudice, to keeping a journal of acts of kindness, to researching a famous Upstander, and much more.

A number of the projects this year turned out to be posters (on display during the Jamboree); but those that are digital are accessible here!

Aaron – Bullying – presentation
Anna – Holocaust – presentation
Ben A – Being an Upstander Friend – story

Ben R – MLK The Amazing Upstander – story
Ben W – We All Have the Same Rights – book
Colin – Frederick Douglass – presentation

Ethan – Willie O’Ree – story and presentation
Grace – Keeping a Kindness Journal – presentation
Jenna – Bullying – song/presentation

Jodi – Love Your Neighbor – presentation and movie

Kasey – Bullying – book

Lindsey – Bullying – PowerPoint presentation
Max – Anne Frank – presentation
Nick – Bullying – iMovie
Rachel B – Being an Upstander – presentation

Rachel N – Bullying is Wrong! – presentation
Sydney & Lydia – Upstander interviews – presentation
Zoe – Martin Luther King, Jr – iMovie


The little temple with a big heart