Testimonials from happy members

“Temple Kol Tikvah is like coming home.”

“It’s an easy, relaxed place to come observe and celebrate Jewish services, holidays, and traditions – in new ways and in ways that you remember growing up.”

“The warmth and openness of the members of Kol Tikvah is its prime asset.”

“My 4th grader actually enjoys going to Hebrew school because the curriculum is so engaging, creative and fun! On Shabbat it’s a nice destination, and the community is very welcoming, down to earth, involved and very nice.”

“Temple Kol Tikvah is a unique community to celebrate Jewish traditions. Here you’ll find acceptance, comfort and peace with friends, family and God.”

“Our children get the individual attention which fosters their feeling of belonging and being an integral part of our community.”

“I have found temple Kol Tikvah to be a warm and inviting Temple. My family and I have made lifelong friendships with many wonderful people along the years. My daughters loved the Tikvah Teens group. It is a wonderful way for our young adults to keep the connection of Jewish friends made through out the years, to keep learning about their faith and to to have fun while doing many mitzvahs for the community and beyond.”

“Through Temple Kol Tikvah’s learning and teen programs, temple Sisterhood and caring membership, we have grown our ‘extended family,’ sharing in the simchas, accomplishments and sorrows of our friends.”

“Temple Kol Tikvah has a very active and engaged Social Action Team that hosts a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to participate throughout the year. We bring people together through service in our community and have lots of fun doing it!”

“We like the caring teachers, and that they adapt to students’ learning styles. I love that the projects are creative.”

“Kol Tikvah: what a place to get away from it all, the rat race, the wired world, to listen, and to hear.”

“Temple Kol Tikvah makes me and my family happy!”

“The rabbi’s sermons wake up my soul. I email them to my friends.”

“Temple Kol Tikvah is a small, laid back, no pressure, relaxed-feeling, caring Temple with a wonderful, down-to-earth, Rabbi. And a wonderful Sisterhood organization where women with similar values and backgrounds, come together to socialize, network and share common bonds.”

“Kol Tikvah is very welcoming to all and very flexible with young families’ schedules.”

“The warm and genuine approach to learning at Temple Kol Tikvah has been a wonderful experience for my children.”

“The warm welcoming nature of the congregation makes it so easy to feel comfortable at services.”

“A community filled with warmth, joy and good fellowship.”

“The reason I like Temple Kol Tikvah is the warmth and the friendliness of the people who belong there.”

“Our rabbi is tuned into the make up of our congregation. I am not Jewish, and her careful explanation of all that was going on at our children’s b’nai mitzvah’s made me feel very comfortable. This was so wonderful especially for so many who were not brought up Jewish experiencing a b’nai mitzvah for the first time.”

“The Temple’s motto, ‘the little temple with a big heart,’ reflects my own feeling about the temple – sharing heartfelt opportunities for Jewish reflection and friendships in a small temple setting.”

K is Kindness among the members of our little temple
O is Offering Opportunities to study and discuss with the rabbi
L is Ladies lead and men make music, a truly egalitarian experience
T is Trivia night is fun!
I is Inviting members’ input during services and meetings
K is the Komfort of Kommunity
V is Varied programs to suit Various ages and stages of life
A is A view toward the evolving needs of today’s Jewish community
H is Holidays that are Heartful and mindful.  (by member Laurie Silver)

The little temple with a big heart