Israel is Real – Spring semester 2023

Israel is the Jewish homeland; it is also home to many other people. This semester, we explored the various diversities of Israel — human, animal, geographic, religious, etc.

Topics covered:

Diversity of humanity in Israel today

What is Israel? Where is Israel? How big is it? What land does it include?

Diversity of Jewish cultures from around the world in Israel + diversity of religious practices of Jews in Israel

Everyday life of children in Israel today

How Purim is celebrated in Israel

Diversity of geography/nature

Famous tourist sites that are special to Jews, Muslims, Christians, Baha’i

Encountering the Palestinian people

Some organizations working for peace

We asked the children to consider: What will YOUR connection with Israel be?


SydneyIsraelis and Palestinians making peace – a skit performance
ArthurPopular Israeli food – poster and samples
QuincyPopular Israeli food – recipe list and samples – click here to see recipes
RebeccaStreet cats in Israel – click here to read
HollyTourist attractions in Israel – click to view four separate videos: Streets of Tel Aviv, Stray Cats, Places to Visit, and Some of the Strangest Things We Saw
BradyIsraeli architecture (old and new) – click here to view slideshow
EmilyHow Jewish holidays are celebrated in Israel – poster
AsherImportant religious holy places in Israel – poster
AbbyArchaeological findings in Israel – click to view poster
Max MHo-ho-holy Land – click here for slideshow based on recent trip

The little temple with a big heart