Na’aseh Shalom / Let Us Make Peace (Fall 2022)

This semester’s theme has been Na’aseh Shalom / Let us make peace. 

The Big Idea is “Making peace is something we DO.” What does that mean to you? 

The Big Question we’ve been asking is “What is a peacemaker, and how can I become one?”  

From Psalm 34:

“Anyone who wants a good life:

Keep your mouth from saying bad things.

Keep your lips from saying lies.

Turn away from doing bad, and do good.

Seek peace, and pursue it.”

We learned how to be a peacemaker (mediator) when two people are having a conflict, focusing on understanding the human needs behind each person’s feelings and behaviors.  

We explored the biblical story of Cain and Abel, two brothers who did not know how to make peace.  

We did skits about Aaron, brother of Moses, who was known as a great peacemaker (although we had some doubts about his strategies!). 

We hunted for all the times the word SHALOM shows up in the Shabbat prayerbook. Why do you think peace is included in so many prayers? 

We tried four different ways of feeling more peaceful on the inside. (Chanting, shalom meditation, nature, contemplative prayer: May I be peaceful and happy, etc.) Which one would you like to try? 

Here are our end-of-semester projects, all created to inspire YOU to be a peacemaker, inside and out. Note that our teaching staff participated too!

Abby – scrapbook about peacemakers and therapy animals – on display at the Jamboree – click here to view

Arthur – a video story about making peace – click here to view

Asher – stories about dogs and cats making peace – click here to read, or click here to view the video

Brady – popular songs about peace – poster on display at the Jamboree

Emily – scrapbook about peacemakers – on display at the Jamboree – click here to view

Holly – paintings with peace messages (live auction at the Jamboree to raise money for Fr. Bill’s homeless shelter)

Max – a booklet to educate those who wish to be educated on how you can be the best possible you – click here to read

Quincy – a Kahoots on peacemaking – click here to listen to Quincy talk about this semester – Kahoots is an interactive game that requires more than one player. This link sends you to the place to host Quincy’s game when you continue as a guest. Other players then enter the code provided on their devices and the game begins.  

Rebecca – dog collars with peace messages – click here to view photo, and here too

Sydney and Ava – a skit performed at the Jamboree – click here to read the script

Alison – short story – click here to read

Daniel – bake sale at the Jamboree to raise money for tsedakah

Madz – an original dance video (Matisyahu’s One Day) – click here to view

Marci A (teacher) – peace poems

Maya -peace messages artwork, plus a song – click here to listen

The little temple with a big heart