Crazy Busy: A Jewish Solution (Fall semester 2014)

How can we make Shabbat REAL in our lives? This is the Big Question we  explored during this semester in Tikvah Learning. As always, we base our explorations on core Jewish values. Shabbat-related values include the need for everyone to rest both their body and soul, and the restorative power of being together with family and friends.

The children chose one or more of the core values pertaining to Shabbat, and created projects to share those values with others. Children were able to choose the medium and content of their projects—so the variety of projects this time is terrific! Our emphasis was not on the simple “transmission” of information about traditional Shabbat practices (although we did share that information, in a fun video format), but rather our primary goal was to inspire the children to transform their own lives—to claim the values underlying Shabbat as their own, and to create meaningful practices that will help them counter the Crazy Busy world that too often stresses them (and their parents) out. Some of their one-month home experiments were indeed transformative.

Below are links to some of the projects. (Note: Many of the projects this semester were posters, books, or other physical things which were on display at the Jamboree but not online.)

Weekday Siddur – Anna

Friends Helping Friends (story) – Ben A

Mr. Busy Learns About Shabbat (book) – Ben W

My Shabbat Experiment (slide show) – Colin

My Shabbat Thoughts (slide show) – Ethan

My Shabbat Project (slide show) – Jacob

Mr. Horsey (story) – Jason

Shabbat Project (slide show) – Jenna

Our Shabbat Experiment (PowerPoint) – Jodi & Lindsey

Humans of Sharon (slide show) – Lydia & Sydney

Shabbat and Challah (slide show) – Max

How to Have Joy in 30 Ways (slide show) – Nick

52 Ways to Relax (card deck) – Robbie

Shabbat Slide Show – Sam

How to Make Shabbat Real in Our Lives (slide show) – Samantha



The little temple with a big heart