Na’aseh Shalom / Let Us Make Peace (Fall Semester 2017)

Alesha – Video interview of her mother about peacemaking – VIDEO + flier

Alison – Stories and thoughts about peacemaking based on bible and Talmud stories + video about Shalom Path – VIDEO + slide show + stories

Ariel – Comic book poster: Joseph and his brothers  – see poster at Jamboree

Auden – Video interview of siblings about peacemaking – VIDEO + flier

Ben – Slide show: The “Shalom Path” – slideshow

Brody – Video interviews of Sharon Police officers about how they make peace – VIDEO (+ peace slideshow)

Brooke – Slideshow: How to say “Peace” in different languages – slideshow

Daniel – Interview of director of Evelyn House (shelter for homeless families) about peacemaking – report

Devon – Poster: “Na’aseh Shalom: Let Us Make Peace,” including essay + pictures – see poster at Jamboree

Dylan – Poster about ways to make peace – see poster at Jamboree

Grace – “Take a Heart, Leave a Heart” display – see project at Jamboree

Harry – Video script: Role models who show us how to make peace – script

Jackson – Comic book original story about peacemaking + commentary – see comic book at the Jamboree + commentary

Jacob H – Car stories about making peace + 3D Diorama illustrating one of the stories – slideshow

Jacob S – Slide show: Famous Peace Makers – slideshow

Jason – Slide show: Paths to inner peace – slideshow

Jay – Slide show: Peace making – slideshow

Joshua F – Slide show: Therapy Dogs as Peace Makers – slideshow

Joshua S – Stories teaching how to make peace + dioramas illustrating 2 of the stories –  stories

Justin – Comic book: People fighting and then making peace – see storybook at Jamboree

Madina – Let’s Make Peace 101 (including video) – website

Matthew – Slide show: “8 Ways to Relax” – slideshow

Max & Aaron – Slide show: Peace messages in popular songs – slideshow

Maya – Original song about making peace, “I am the Peacemaker” – lyrics + VIDEO or AUDIO

Mia – Slide show: Peace Garden to be planted at Kol Tikvah in the Spring – slideshow

Nick – Skit scripts about people in conflict and how they make peace – Skits

Rachel B & Lindsey – Peace cranes with peace messages attached – flier (see project at Jamboree)

Rachel N – Slide show: How ordinary people can make peace – slideshow

Ruby – LIVE demonstration and discussion about ways to find inner peace, at the Jamboree

Sam – Poster: “Practical Peacemakers” in history – see poster at Jamboree

Sophie – Comic book retelling of the story of Cain and Abel – see storybook at Jamboree

Thea & Rachel R – Handwritten peace messages, to be hung around town – see project at Jamboree + flier


The little temple with a big heart